MB whatsapp ios apk download Features Image

MB whatsapp ios apk download

One of the more sophisticated, free modifications of the original WhatsApp programme is called MB WhatsApp iOS APK. With its many incredible features, like the ability to customise the theme (iOS), auto reply, privacy security, hide last seen, and download the status directly without the need for extra software, this ad-free app lets users use two accounts. It’s very funny! Is it not? Additionally, this tool makes it simple to see who has blocked you. Thus, to download the MB WhatsApp iOS APK file and take use of even more incredible features.

MB whatsapp ios apk download Features Image

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What Is MB WhatsApp iOS APK?

Stephanie created the MB WhatsApp version. The improved experience of its users and the inclusion of WhatsApp iOS 14 themes made it very popular. It’s interesting to note that Stephanie also created the Android app WhatsApp iPhone, which offers a pleasant conversation screen for conversing with friends and coworkers. Additionally, you’ll see that this software has been completely transformed into an iPhone theme, complete with emojis and icons, after downloading and installing it. Moreover, using this app doesn’t require you to remove the official WhatsApp.

Feature of MB WhatsApp iOS APK

Feature of MB WhatsApp iOS APK Iamge


For millions of users, using WhatsApp on a daily basis has become essential, regardless of other programmes. Thus, the inability to have many accounts on the same Android device is one of the primary issues with the official WhatsApp. We want to avoid daily interruptions and have the option of contacting others with a separate number.

Ad-Free Programme 

The most frustrating thing while speaking with friends or conducting business is running into advertising problems—I know, I know! The most annoying issue that users typically deal with when using other customised versions of WhatsApp are the GB and ADWhatsApp versions that display adverts on the screen. 

Password-Guarded Private Conversations

Additionally, you can benefit from this built-in lock feature, which lets you keep your private messages, images, and other important information hidden from prying eyes. Additionally, you have the option to create a fingerprint lock, password, or PIN for particular contacts and chats, protecting your personal information from prying eyes.

Schedule/Auto Reply Messages

 I find the “Auto Reply” feature to be one of this app’s most amazing features. You may create personalised automatic responses for a range of communications with this awesome feature. Both the pre-instruction and the delivery time can be specified. Learn how to configure auto-reply on MB WhatsApp.


If you are tired of WhatsApp’s limited features and want a better, more customizable experience that gives you more privacy control, you might consider MB WhatsApp iOS. Installing this app will allow you to unlock new features, and customize your Android phone for your iPhone. Click on the link below to download and get pro features for free!!

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