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What is Fouad Snapchat?

Fouad Snapchat APK is your first choice to be the snap king. Snapchat is a social media app that captures the true essence of just connecting with your friends using simple snaps and pictures. This application revolutionised the way social media is what it is today by introducing new concepts like stories, vanishing snaps, and more. From making snap streaks to going viral on the Discover page, there is a lot to find out for the users.

Fouad Snapchat App Features

Chat with the Snaps using Snapchat

As the name suggests, the app is purely made for the users to tell their stories using pictures. And these pictures go away once you have viewed them. The same goes for the videos. The fun part is, that the users can apply music, filters, and many other editing options to make their snaps awesome. You can enhance your experience with all of these things plus there are other features as well.

Send the snaps and connect

At its core, Snapchat is a way for you to connect with your friends. This is what a social media application does. But Snapchat is different. You send your friends a snap. And once they view the snap, it disappears. And if you want to replay the snaps, you can do it. However, you will have to keep in mind that the other person will get the notification for it. So beware of that. Connect with your friends with a sense of security that no other platform gives you.

Know where your friends are

Snapchat offers a feature where you can see your friends on the map. Hence, if they have turned their location on, you can see them on the map. That is a nice feature if you want to know what they are doing, where they are, and if they are in the town or not. However, keep in mind that all of your friends will see this. So be careful about the people you have added once you turn this feature on.

Now that’s a streak!

Maintaining the streaks is the main part of Snapchat. When you keep sending snaps to each other, the number will keep adding with a fire icon beside the friend you are maintaining this streak with. You can keep the streak for however long you want to. And if you break the snap streak, you can restore it 6 times for free.

Snapchat memory lane

Snapchat has this feature that takes the user down memory lane. When you send a snap or create a story, the application saves it in the database. And every year when that month arrives, it creates a recap of those stories. Also, easy year, they will give you a recap in December. This is a nice feature that warms you up with all the experiences you had in the year.

Who took the screenshot?

The application is very secure when it comes to privacy. Whenever you replay a snap, take a screenshot, record the screen, start typing or are simply viewing the snap, the other person gets notified. It is annoying when someone takes a screenshot or records you without your permission. On other apps, you cannot do anything about it. However, on Snapchat, you can confront them. This application is the best social media app if you value your privacy.

Download Fouad Snapchat APK

Snapchat is an awesome app to have, and you can multiply that awesomeness with the Fouad Snapchat APK. You can download that by clicking on the button down below.

Why go the Fouad way? – APK Features

If you aren’t convinced enough on whether to download Fouad or not, you will be after this. The Fouad way is the better way to enjoy the Snapchat experience. It is more than a “pro-max” version of the app. This is better, but how so? From unlocking the ninja mode to getting past all the barriers, this will be a better experience for you.

Ninja Mode Unlocked

Using this feature, you can hide from the eyes of Snapchat. Once this mode is on, your friends will not be able to see whether you have opened their snaps or not. Also, they won’t be able to see if you have seen their chats, or are viewing the chat in the first place. This is the ninja mode, and this is what makes your experience so interesting. Imagine a world where your friends won’t nag you about not viewing their snaps or not responding to them even if you saw their message.

Screenshots Were Never Easier

Whenever you take a screenshot or record the screen, Fouad makes sure the other person doesn’t get the notification. Take all the screenshots you want, and they will never know. If you like their picture, sure, Fouad will let you record the screen as well. You are the ninja hidden in the snaps and no one can find you.

Save All You Want

The autosave feature of Fouad lets you save all the snaps you want to save. Once you have seen a snap, it saves it in the database. You can open the folder on your phone and view the pictures and videos from there.

Secret Typing

When you are typing, the other person gets notified. This alerts them about a possible conversation. However, you might not be in the mood to have that conversation right now. So, it hides if you are typing a response.


Snapchat is a great way to connect with your friends using pictures and videos? The privacy features on the app enhance your experience. However, for some people, this transparency might get annoying. And for that, Fouad helps you out. The privacy features on Snapchat will no longer bother you with the Fouad Snapchat APK. So what’s the deal now? Download the APK and become a happier Snapchat user.

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