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Snapchat Planets Order and Meanings Explained 2024

The Snapchat Planets feature is a component of the Friends Solar System, and it is only accessible to Snapchat Plus subscribers. Using you as the “Sun,” everyone of your close friends receives a planet from this function. The planets are allocated based on how friendly a user is with other members of the network. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the planets in question. The planets on the app are grouped similarly to the real Solar System, with Mercury being the nearest buddy and Neptune being the furthest friend.

Snapchat Planets Features Image

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Significance of Snapchat planets 

The Snapchat Planets order in detail is as follows:

  •    Represents your closest friend on Snapchat.
  •    Features a pink-colored planet with red hearts around it.
  •  Represents your second closest friend.
  •    Features a tan-colored planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts
  •    Represents your third closest friend.
  •    Features a green and blue colored planet with red hearts and a moon.
  •    Represents your fourth closest friend.
  •    Features a red-colored planet with purple and blue hearts.
  •    Represents your fifth closest friend.
  •    Features an orange-tinted planet with the Great Red Spot.
  •    Represents your sixth closest friend.
  •    Features a planet with famous rings.
  •    Represents your seventh closest friend.
  •    Features a green planet with swirls.
  •    Represents your eighth closest friend.
  •    Features a dark blue planet.

Mercury is the closest friend and Neptune is the furthest away on Snapchat, with these planets corresponding to your top eight best pals based on the amount of engagement. Users can quickly determine their place in their friends’ Snapchat solar system by identifying the unique visual traits and hearts linked to each planet.

How to view Snapchat Planets

You must have a Snapchat Plus subscription in order to see Snapchat Planets and find out which planet you are for your pals. As soon as you become a subscriber, you may touch on the friend’s profile badge to see where your friendship stands in the Snapchat solar system. The location of each planet varies depending on how much you connect with your friends.

Difference between Snapchat Planets and Snapchat Best Friends

The way that Snapchat planets and closest friends are portrayed and understood within the app is where they diverge. As part of the Snapchat Plus function, each buddy is given a planet according to how much they engage with each other; Mercury is the friend who is closest to you, while Neptune is the friend who is farthest away. Creating a solar system around the user, these planets provide an entertaining and interactive approach to visually illustrate the closeness of friendships. The eight closest friends on a user’s list are displayed as “Best Friends” on Snapchat, whereas “Friends” denotes one-sided proximity and “Best Friends” suggests shared closeness. The difference is that best friends just list the best friends based on interaction levels, whereas Snapchat planets employ a planetary system to represent the intimacy of a friendship.

How does Snapchat’s friend’s solar system work?

Snapchat’s friend’s solar system work Image

The way Snapchat’s Friend Solar System functions is by allocating planets to symbolize how close your friends are to you on the app. If you use Snapchat Plus, you are the Sun of your friend solar system, and depending on how you connect with your top eight friends, each of them gets given a planet. With Mercury standing in for your closest friend and Neptune for your eighth best buddy, the planets in the Snapchat friend solar system correspond to the planets in our solar system. The planets’ meanings are represented by emojis and colors; for example, Mercury represents the closest buddy with red hearts, while Neptune represents the eighth closest friend with ice blue color. Each planet correlates to a distinct place on your list of best friends.

PROS and CONS Snapchat Planets


  • Immersive Brand Experience: companies can build memorable augmented reality experiences with Snapchat Planets, which provide a distinctive and immersive method for companies to interact with their audience.
  • Increased User Engagement: Snapchat Planets’ interactive features and gamification motivate users to interact with sponsored content for longer periods of time, which raises user engagement and interaction levels.
  • Creative and Innovative Marketing Opportunity: Brands may set themselves apart from rivals and present their goods and services in a unique way by utilizing augmented reality technology.
  • Social Media Amplification: As consumers engage with and share the immersive experiences with their followers, Snapchat Planets can be effortlessly shared across social media platforms, increasing brand awareness and reach.
  • Potential for Collaboration: Brands can work with influencers or other companies to develop engaging Snapchat Planets. By doing so, they can take advantage of their current audience and domain knowledge to increase engagement and attract new clients.


  • Complexity of Creation: Although Snapchat gives users access to tools like Lens Studio to create Planets, developing high-quality augmented reality experiences can be a time-consuming and complex process that requires technological knowledge or resources.
  • Restrictions on Audience Reach: Although Snapchat has a substantial user base, certain categories might not be frequent users, which could restrict the potential reach of Snapchat Planets in comparison to more extensively utilized social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Dependency on Platform: Because Snapchat Planets are only accessible on the Snapchat platform, companies may have less influence over how widely and easily their augmented reality experiences are accessed than they would with independent applications or websites.
  • Possibility for Technical Problems: Users may not get the best out of augmented reality experiences if there are problems with technology or device compatibility, which could discourage them from interacting with the material.
  • Resource-Intensive: Since developing and promoting Snapchat Planets calls for time, money, and other resources, it might not be possible for all companies, particularly smaller ones with little funding.


Using your Google account, Apple ID, or associated debit/credit card, complete the subscription procedure after launching the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone, going to your profile, finding the Snapchat+ banner, choosing a subscription plan, and starting a 7-day free trial. You can benefit from additional features like ghost trails, customized app icons, and a tale timer after you become a subscriber.

You are unable to directly manage who can see your solar system, which makes it impossible to hide Snapchat planets from pals. Planets are automatically assigned by Snapchat’s Friend Solar System feature based on your interactions with friends; neither your friends nor anybody else can see this information. You are the only one who can see your solar system, which is specific to your profile. If you have Snapchat+, you can touch on a friend’s profile to see the planet that is assigned to you and see where you are in their solar system. However, you are unable to control or hide this function from other users.

You can manage your Best Friends list, which is a reflection of your interactions with other users, by adding or removing friends from Snapchat worlds. Regretfully, Snapchat prohibits users from seeing the Best Friends list of others for privacy-related reasons3. You may easily remove friends by long-pressing their name and choosing “Remove Friend” from the menu that pops up1. You can build a new group by choosing which friends to invite if you want to add friends to a new group chat without certain individuals being present. Recall that Snapchat’s privacy settings are intended to safeguard private information, and that users should behave with civility and respect when interacting with the site.

Depending on Snapchat’s design and content updates, the frequency of updates to Snapchat planets might range from weekly to monthly.


To sum up, Snapchat Planets provide businesses a revolutionary chance to improve their social media marketing. Brands can build immersive experiences that capture consumers and encourage meaningful participation by leveraging the potential of augmented reality. Adopting cutting-edge features like Snapchat Planets is crucial for keeping ahead of the curve and optimizing brand visibility as the digital landscape keeps changing.

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