helpful comparison betweek social app; snapchat and fm whatsapp

Snapchat Plus VS FM WhatsApp

Communication apps are not limited to making phone calls and delivering messages, but they have interesting features and filters to enhance interaction with friends & family. It is actually amazing.

Video calls, voice messages and multimedia sharings are what we do with our apps. Basically, it has made conversations more dynamic. Messages, video calls and images are creative because of the fun filters available.

To name some apps, Snapchat is so popular among teenagers and adults for fun communication. And to name a more serious conversational mode, use FM WhatsApp APK.

Yes, FM whatsapp instead of Whatsapp official application. This is a modified version of a standard app with more customized app interface like in-built lock, message scheduling, customized emojis/stickers and enjoying enhanced privacy settings.

Coming to Snapchat, it will add humor and creativity in the communication experience. Visual communication is making your audio & video communication more lively and expressive.

If you want to share your moments with friends and family in a more spontaneous and playful way, choose snapchat.

SnapChat VS FM Whatsapp: A Helpful Comparison

Let’s make a comparison between Snapchat and FM Whatsapp to understand how to make our conversations more engaging and entertaining.

Video calls, voice messages and group chats are common among both, but they differ as following:

FM Whatsapp:

  • Lets you change how your app looks through enhance customization
  • Gives you more emojis and stickers to make conversation interactive and creative
  • Lets you send bigger files/ documents and images to your contacts
  • Helps you keep things private with more privacy settings and visibility. Now, it’s your choice whom you want to show your status, stories and messages
  • Automatically, your posts disappear after 24 hours.
  • High levels of customization options and themes are available to make conversations amazing.

Snapchat Plus:

  • Enhanced privacy controls
  • More customization options for the app’s appearance by making the Snapchat interface more personalized. So change themes, skins or customize the layout to do it.
  • Additional filters and effects for photos and videos. You can learn how to make snapchat shortcuts effectively
  • Ability to save received media without the sender’s knowledge is another feature to enjoy
  • Extended video recording time which is not in Snapchat app. It is only on Snapchat Plus.
  • Option to send snaps from the camera roll. Be flexible in sharing content as users can choose from a wider range of media to share.
  • Increased character limit for captions. So include more text in their snaps to provide context, convey messages, or add captions to their photos or videos.
  • Built-in themes and skins for the app’s interface. Change the colors, icons, and overall look of the app’s interface,


In conclusion, communication apps like Snapchat and FM WhatsApp have transformed traditional messaging experience. Snapchat’s fun filters and spontaneous sharing add humor and creativity to conversations, while FM WhatsApp provides enhanced privacy settings and customization options.

To enhance your interactions, try these apps today for more dynamic and engaging conversations. Experience the fun of visual communication and connect with others in a new way.

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